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Since 2016, cSavanna has been dedicated to providing comfortable accommodations as a "home away from home" for the many travelers to Northwest Illinois. 

Each year since, we've added services and adventures so more people can enjoy the vast activities this area has to offer. 

Savanna and its surroundings are truly a destination vacation!


Accommodating up to 30 guests, our fully furnished rentals are available by night, week or month


From a Lazy River Float to an exciting overnight camp on an island, find your adventure here


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Meet our Team

In 1992, the 8-year-old James Bratta found excitement and ambition for the outdoors in Savanna, Illinois.  The short drive from Chicagoland made for fun weekends and vacations.  Springs and Autumns were spent hunting, Winter's on skis or snowmobiles, and Summer's were for Mississippi River fun, ATV riding, and grooming the hunting property for the upcoming seasons.

This continued with progressive ambition to have equipment and big-boy toys for 25 more years, exploring all aspects of the county on land and water.  From deep ravines to back water marshes and all the hills between, there was always something more to explore in and around Savanna...


With age came wisdom; time spent receiving his Bachelor's in Aviation Administration with the subsequent 7 years in a suit at multiple different international airports, James found that time away from nature and wildlife, and those things that brought serenity and peace within were slipping away; He had to make a change!

How could James change his livelihood while doing what he loved?

In 2016, cSavanna was founded.... While taking leave from his career in Texas, James opened his first comfortable living space in Downtown Savanna for travelers and visitors to the area, hoping to share his love with the world.  Within 3 months of hosting travelers, James quit the ball & chain and started relying solely on cSavanna, moving back to the area and knowing that large opportunity awaited...

The next 3 years brought 15 more apartment units, all within 10 miles of Savanna.  As the travelers increased, so did the options of cozy living with cSavanna along with other lodging owners in the area.  The need for tourism kept increasing.  With so many things to do and explore, how could he encourage this growth to continue?!?  Deep within, James knew what was needed...

In 2019, James turned the majority of his focus to cSavanna Adventures; molding the company to not only provide comfortable living, but offer equipment rental and services to give the public similar experiences he had been blessed with all his life...  6 kayaks and a bus started an unforgettable journey.


And VOILA!  James met Amber... a love meant to be.

Now with two minds, two ambitions, and two great sets of skills, Adventures were about flourish.  Without reason to decelerate, cSavanna Adventures now offers kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, tube floating, bus tours, river island camping and activities, along with expanding to bus rentals accommodating to all the other wonderful ventures in our area.

What's more to come?? Think of an outdoor adventure...  James and Amber most likely either have it in the works or are planning their scheme to bring it to cSavanna!  With their dedicated assistants and loyal adventurers, anything is possible!

"Your continued support, encouragement and exploration feeds the fire of creating easy and affordable means to spread joy and happiness to the world"

~ James, Amber and Team


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