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Boat Rentals

Let our guide show you the hidden scenes of The Mighty Mississippi River on a Pontoon!

For Pontoon Rental, Call


Rent a fishing boat to explore the channels and catch that trophy!

Pack your cooler, grab your friends and family, and make some memories!


Pelican Bass Pro Fishing Boat

Our cozy little fishing boat holds up to 600 lbs of 2 people plus gear.  Ran by a trolling motor and with an extra back up battery, you can explore River banks, coves and shallow-water spots in search for that next trophy or dinner!

Gather your gear and bait, and we'll meet you at the Marina!

Fishing Spots for the Pelican Bass Boat

fishing boat spot 2.JPG

Miller's Hollow Boat launch allows for exploration of Buffalo Lake, a Flooded back-water lake of the Mississippi River.  Flooded tree banks, small coves and tree islands hope to harbor those tasty fish!

The Savanna Marina is nicely located next to a back-water channel which leads to Spring Lake, another flood area of the Mississippi and adjacent to the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge.

fishing boat spot.JPG
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